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TIBCO BusinessConnect RosettaNet Protocol

The TIBCO BusinessConnect RosettaNet Protocol provides full support for partner interface processes (PIP), which are pre-packaged processes by which information is exchanged and transactions are executed between companies, for the hi-tech industry. In addition to PIPs, TIBCO provides tools that let companies fully integrate their trading partners using the RosettaNet standards.



  • What are the download options?
  • There are two ways you can download products.
    1. 1) Full Product with Download Manager: This option will download all required files for the product as one package.
    2. 2) Individual file download: This option lets you select specific files one at a time. This option uses standard HTTP method.
  • Where can I find earlier software versions?
  • Earlier versions may be provided upon request. To request an earlier version, go to the product page and click on the link underneath the download button and follow the instructions. Please note that all requests are subject to review and approval.

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