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TIBCO BusinessEvents Extreme

TIBCO BusinessEvents® Extreme is a high-performance event processing platform for applications that monitor, analyze, and respond to parallel event streams in and across the enterprise, making decisions, taking action, and running services in real time. TIBCO BusinessEvents Extreme delivers dramatic new levels of performance, scalability, and robustness for demanding complex event processing (CEP) and real-time event-driven applications. The platform automatically manages consistency for efficient parallel processing and high vertical scalability, while freeing applications from the complexity of concurrent and distributed programming. A hybrid rules and Java programming model enables applications to maximize the capabilities of both languages, seamlessly share data and events, and integrate to existing Java assets.



  • What are the download options?
  • There are two ways you can download products.
    1. 1) Full Product with Download Manager: This option will download all required files for the product as one package.
    2. 2) Individual file download: This option lets you select specific files one at a time. This option uses standard HTTP method.
  • Where can I find earlier software versions?
  • Earlier versions may be provided upon request. To request an earlier version, go to the product page and click on the link underneath the download button and follow the instructions. Please note that all requests are subject to review and approval.
  • Unable to Download using TIBCO Download Manager Interface. What to do?
  • As an alternative, please click on the "Having Trouble" Link. Please click on the "Click Here" link to continue with the Full Product download option using Akamai NetSession Interface.

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